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Play It Again, Ithaca

Used Instruments — do you have a musical instrument in your home that you no longer need?

Please consider donating it! We will have it refurbished/repaired so that an ICSD schoolchild can learn an instrument! It's tax deductible!

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Instruments Donated

The Fine Arts Booster Group and students thrives on the generosity of our community. Support students by giving used musical instruments. Since 2001, over 300 instruments have been refurbished and donated to the district.

Through our Play It Again, Ithaca program, we have placed over 300 instruments into the hands of students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in band and orchestra in the Ithaca schools. Donated instruments in need of attention are repaired, and instruments are given to the Ithaca City School District for loan to students. Help us provide more instruments for all of the interested young musicians in our community. (At this time, upright pianos are not a need in the school district. Please direct this donation to one of our other Ithaca organizations, like the Ithaca Youth Bureau or GIAC. Electronic keyboards are accepted.)

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Dallas Brass Band in 2019, with the support of a FABG Grant



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Please consider donating an instrument

We appreciate your generosity!

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